Celebrity Feet: Eva Longoria Feet Photographs

eva-longoria-feet-by-Fuuu.jpg Eva Longoria’s feet are often commented on in blogs and other online sources.

Not just by her fans but by Eva herself.

She has some of the most photographed feet of any female celebrity.

So easy to photograph, that even in a high res, up close photo they look perfect.





Eva Longoria’s Feet

In an interview on Entertaiment headlines, Eva is found exclaiming that she is proud of her feet, and that she thinks they are her best attribute.

As beautiful as she is (and she does not think she is as beautiful as Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston), I personally find this rather interesting.

She mentions in the same interview that everyone seems to love her feet.

On top of being the most watched pair of celebrity feet around, the shoes Eva wears are also often mentioned.

Eva, like most women, apparently has a shoe fetish, since she is often seen wearing different kinds of high class shoes — everything from stylish flip flops to heels.

Eva Longoria’s feet made the scene again, when she came out wearing YSL platforms.





Eva Longoria Feet Photographs

One blog I visited, which had several pictures featuring both Eva and her feet, actually had the audacity to complain that the photos also included Eva’s husband Tony. The writer made the comment that everyone would just have to ignore him, since his being there spoiled the fantasy.

Check out these Eva Longoria feet photographs and decide for yourself.

Whether you’re a fan of Eva Longoria feet or not, you have to admit the woman has class, and not in that fake, polished, “oh, look at me, I’m a celebrity” way either. She actually seems genuine, which is a refreshing change for celebrity feet watchers, I think.





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    Does she have a foot fetish or something? Because that is hot!