Pamela Anderson Bares All… Of Her Toes! [VIDEOS]


First, a video of Howard Stern inspecting Pamela Anderson's bare feet and toes:     In this next video, Pam Anderson is caught walking barefoot into Larry King's studios prior to a taping. A quote from the video: It looks like the "no shoes, no service" rule does not apply to Miss Pamela. We're pretty sure the "no shirt" rule wouldn't either! Just a guess...       The next video features closeups of Pamela Anderson's … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson’s Feet Have Become Nearly As Famous As Her Voice

Jessica Simpson on stage. photo by 1035 WEZL on Flickr

Jessica Simpson is probably most famous for her singing career, although she has also had some luck with acting since she played Daisy Duke in the remake of Dukes of Hazard. She did a remake of the song These Boots Are Made For Walking for the movie, where her feet are prominently displayed in boots. Of course, she's hard to miss with tight cutoff jeans, conch belt and a t-shirt that is half-way up her belly and so loose it gives the appearance of coming off. However, those boots … [Read more...]

Fergie Is One Of Those Celebrities With Feet That People Love To Hate


It's really amazing to me what some celebrity websites will get all up in arms about. This time, it's Fergie feet pictures. One blog called Media Takeout actually made a big deal about Fergie's feet being dirty! Here's the story: That's NASTY!... Fergie Hits the Red Carpet With Some Dirty Azz Feet Personally, I looked at the picture of Fergie's feet that they provided, and I can't really see what they're talking about. You can just barely see the bottom of her feet! Yes, they're a … [Read more...]

Charlize Theron Feet – She Thinks They’re Ugly, Do You?

There's no question that Charlize Theron is one of the most attractive actresses to grace any movie screen. Not only does she have a large fan base, but so do her feet. I personally find it interesting that she thinks her feet are ugly. She actually thinks they are the ugliest thing about her and can't understand why her boyfriend Stuart Townsend loves them so much.   … [Read more...]

Celebrity Feet: Eva Longoria Feet Photographs

Eva Longoria's feet are often commented on in blogs and other online sources. Not just by her fans but by Eva herself. She has some of the most photographed feet of any female celebrity. So easy to photograph, that even in a high res, up close photo they look perfect.         Eva Longoria's Feet In an interview on Entertaiment headlines, Eva is found exclaiming that she is proud of her feet, and that she thinks they are her best attribute. As … [Read more...]

Foot Reading: Do You Know What Your Feet Say About You? What About Celebrity Feet?


Of course, your feet may reveal how well you take care of yourself based on how manicured they are. Abd how much and how often you show your feet may reveal how private you are. But can your feet really reveal details about your love life, your brain, and your vulnerabilities? Yes! According to the Herald Sun: Your second toe reveals your sensitivity level. Having skinny feet means you like to have people take care of you. Having wide feet mean you are hardworking and on the … [Read more...]

Hayden Panettiere’s Famous Feet

Toe To Toe With Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere who played Claire Bennet on Heroes (and now plays Juliette Barnes, a country singer and former teen star sensation on Nashville) got her foot stomped on pretty hard by a bystander. She was in LAX and the papparazi were doing their usual bumping and jostling trying to get pictures of the famous young woman, when someone trying to get out of their way most likely accidentally stomped hard on Hayden's toes. You can tell from the look on her … [Read more...]

For Olympic Athletes, The Feet Make All The Difference

We know that Michael Phelps has a body  that makes him especially suited for excelling at swimming.  But did you know this?... In addition to the long torso, amazing wingspan, and double-jointed body, “his size 14 feet reportedly bend 15 degrees further at the ankle than most other swimmers", turning his feet into flippers. This flexibility also extends to his knees and elbows, possibly allowing him to get more out of each stroke.”  Source   While … [Read more...]

A Love Affair With Angelina Jolie’s Feet

Angelina Jolie, the famous actress who also happens to be a terrific mother and woman who supports many worthy causes, is known to have very lovely size 8.5 feet. She appears often in public wearing sandals, and movie cameras often move in to take close-up shots of this beautiful woman's tootsies -- as you can see here: … [Read more...]

Beyonce Knowles Feet Pictures & Videos

Believe it or not, Beyonce's feet have gotten a bad rap lately. (And her legs, too.) As another example: Beyonce is taking a page from Britney Spears' book by walking around town -- in public -- barefoot these days. (Here's what they're referring to.) But... word is, Beyonce feels sexiest with bare feet and messy hair. I like to walk around my house with bare feet and messy hair, but that can be sexy, too. I have an old-fashioned view on sexuality, in that I don't think it should be in … [Read more...]