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Adjustable vs Fitted Toe Rings

Without a doubt, I prefer fitted toe rings.

In fact, that’s all I wear.

However, adjustable toe rings certainly have their advantages.


Following are the pros & cons of fitted vs adjustable toe rings…


For starters, while adjustable toe rings are more plentiful and they’re usually cheaper, in my opinion, they’re just not as durable (or comfortable) as fitted (“sized”) toe rings.


The Best Parts

All fitted toe rings are sized to fit using standard ring sizes.

 Here’s how to pick the right toe ring size.


Fitted toe rings do cost more, but I strongly believe that they’re worth it. Especially if, like me, you wear your toe rings day in & day out… year round!

An adjustable toe ring just wouldn’t last, or feel good enough to wear that frequently.

The best part about adjustable toe rings is the fact that they’re available everywhere you look. And their unique designs are just as plentiful. Plus, they fit any toe.

The worst part about adjustable toe rings: they’re likely to pinch the bottom part of your toe at times — usually when wearing shoes, but you can also feel the pinch when you’re walking barefoot.


What Are Toe Rings Made Of?

Fitted toe rings are typically come in solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, white gold. Yes, you can also find fitted toerings that are silver- or gold-plated, but not nearly as often as you find with adjustable toe rings.

Adjustable toe rings are rarely made of solid gold (or white gold, or platinum). They’re typically gold overlay or sterling silver.

Of course, the biggest differences are that your solid metals will not chip or fade. Whereas, your solid metals will typically last forever.


Your Best Bet

For the perfect toe ring for a special occasion or to wear with a particular outfit… an adjustable to ring may be the way to go.

For a long-lasting, permanent fixture on your toes… you can’t beat a fitted toe ring.