A Love Affair With Angelina Jolie’s Feet

angelina-jolie-by-montrasio-international.jpg Angelina Jolie, the famous actress who also happens to be a terrific mother and woman who supports many worthy causes, is known to have very lovely size 8.5 feet.

She appears often in public wearing sandals, and movie cameras often move in to take close-up shots of this beautiful woman’s tootsies — as you can see here:


Angelina Jolie’s Pregnant Feet

This awe-inspiring lady clearly takes care of her feet, just as she does the rest of body.

During Angelina’s recent pregnancy with her twins, she even had the heels of some of her shoes lowered.

Now we’ve all seen them… actresses who are very pregnant trying to wobble around on high heels. I always wonder what these ladies are thinking because your center of balance changes when you are pregnant, and wearing heels when you’re pregnant puts even more  of your weight forward — which has to be uncomfortable, not to mention unsafe.


Angelina Jolie’s Feet And Shoes Are Priceless!

angelina-jolie-swimsuit-by-indoloony.jpgWould you believe that Angelina’s feet even have their own My Space page?!

No kidding. I, for one, am not surprised since she is so famous. I mean, why wouldn’t her feet have their own celebrity status?

In 2007, several pairs of shoes that Angelina Jolie wore in movies went on sale at eBay auctions. Some of the shoes sold were the brown leather sandals she wore in Alexander, the Justin boots she wore in Tomb Raider, and the BCBG shoes she wore in The Good Shepherd — just to name a few.

I wonder what they sold for? Unfortunately, that part wasn’t disclosed.


A Barefoot Angelina Jolie In Cambodia

One particular story about Angelina’s feet that I find particularly interesting is the one where she took Maddox to Cambodia and made him take his shoes off and walk on rocks barefoot, because she wanted him to understand where he comes from and the culture there (where, I guess, many don’t have shoes).

What I find most interesting is that she took her shoes off and walked on the rocks barefoot with him.

Some people thought she was being cruel to make her young son do this, but I didn’t think so since she did it with him. And I can see her wanting to help him understand the importance of relating to the ancestry and culture that he came from originally.

As someone who comes from a different culture myself, and who knows others who did not have the fortune to be exposed to whatever their ethnic background is, I find it commendable that Angelina wants to make sure that Maddox doesn’t forget where he came from.

angelina-jolie-face-photo-by-indoloony.jpgSadly, back in the 60’s governments in both Canada and the United States had a policy of removing Native American children from their reservations, as well as families. I’ve known some of these people as adults, and that loss is keen for them — especially when their adopted or foster parents often had no understanding of Native American culture, and so a lot of knowledge and key information they would have been taught had they not been removed was sometimes permanently lost. So I know firsthand how important it is what she’s doing. She doesn’t want Maddox to lose that.


Pictures Of Angelina Jolie’s Feet

For more pictures of Angelina and her bare feet check these out:



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  • smallfoot

    Angelina jolie has definitelly at least a size 10 feet … her feet look at least double in comparison to my size 3 men feet…

  • Dr900

    Angelina Jolie Sexy-GODDESS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Bif

    8.5..yeah right lmao!

  • Erik

    She wears size 9, sometimes 9.5. I own 5 pairs of her personally owned shoes!

  • http://twitter.com/swanoria Victoria Swan

    her toes are like freaking fingers and her t*ts look like they hang down pretty far in that one image where her stocking clad knees are hiding them.