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Foot Corn Treatment: 3 Natural Cures For Corns On Your Feet

Corns are thick, hard areas of skin most commonly found on the joints of your toes and the sides of your toes. They are small and painful. They are different from calluses, which are thick, hard areas of skin that typically form on the soles and sides of the feet. According to Dr. Oz: If […]


3 Natural Cures For Hard Skin On Your Feet + 4 Amazing Foot Callus Removers

Hard skin can form on the soles, balls, and heels of your feet, as well as on your toes. It can be caused by many different things, including uncomfortable shoes, prolonged periods of exercise, and health problems. Hard skin similar to calluses can be unsightly, embarrassing, and even painful if left untreated. Here are 3 […]

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Fun Foot Stuff

Creepy Halloween Feet Recipes For Parties

If scary Halloween feet are your thing, then you’re gonna love these creepy Halloween feet recipes! My favorite is the recipe for Meat Feet – a mega-sized gross looking meatloaf recipe that is always a hit at parties!

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Cool Shoes & Socks


See Why Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops Are My Favorite Sandals: A Review

I’m a huge fan of flip flops. These days, they make flip flops in so many different styles that you can wear them practically anywhere! They can be casual and comfy, beachy, and fun. Or they can be semi-dressy, wedge-style, with bling. As a result, I have several pairs of flip flops. My favorite pair […]

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Foot Modeling

Tips For Having Feet Like A Foot Model

When a friend of mine needed foot models for her reflexology exam, I agreed to help her. Ever since that day, and coming home with the most wonderful feeling feet, I have tried to give my feet a little more consideration. Here’s how to greatly improve the condition of your feet and get feet like a foot model’s!

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Foot Pictures

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