Foot Aromatherapy Recipes That Really Work!

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I cannot recommend this book highly enough... 'Aromatherapy: A Lifetime Guide To Healing With Essential Oils' by Valerie Gennari Cooksley.

Wondering how in the world aromatherapy involving the feet can make your life better?

Trust me when I say… Been there, done that.

But I’ve personally tried many of the following aromatherapy treatments… and I’ve found that it’s quick and easy. (And it feels great!)

Here’s a collection of recommendations regarding aromatherapy and the feet from Valerie Gennari Cooksley, a certified aromatherapist and my favorite author on the subject.


For Foot Odor:

“If the unplesant body odor is localized to the feet, then an aromatic footbath is very helpful.”


For Tired & Aching Feet:

“A footbath is great for joggers and anyone standing on their feet all day.”


For Athlete’s Foot:

“Helps treat fungus infections.”


For Allergies & Hayfever:

“A surprisingly effective remedy for allergy-related symptoms such as hay fever, is the aromatic foot bath.” (more here)


For Headache Relief:

“I know it sounds strange, but by soaking your feet in cold water you draw blood from the head, which brings immediate relief for headaches.”


For Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension):

“Essential oils can increase blood pressure by stimulating and tonifying the circulatory system.”


For Increased Circulation:

Using colder water temperatures “increases circulation by causing local stimulation. This is particular good for cold feet with poor circulation.”


For Arthritis & Joint Pain:

“Foot baths are very soothing pain relief for arthritic conditions of the finger joints or ankles.”


For Swelling of the Feet & Ankles:

“A cold to tepid water temperature is advantageous to decrease local inflammation and swelling.”


Source: Aromatherapy: A Lifetime Guide To Healing With Essential Oils by Valerie Gennari Cooksley