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Jessica Simpson’s Feet Have Become Nearly As Famous As Her Voice

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By Regina

Jessica Simpson is probably most famous for her singing career, although she has also had some luck with acting since she played Daisy Duke in the remake of Dukes of Hazard.

She did a remake of the song These Boots Are Made For Walking for the movie, where her feet are prominently displayed in boots.

Of course, she’s hard to miss with tight cutoff jeans, conch belt and a t-shirt that is half-way up her belly and so loose it gives the appearance of coming off. However, those boots definitely do make her (and her feet!) stand out.

From her boots to her toes, Jessica Simpson has definitely gotten a lot of press for her feet… and more!

Here’s the official video for These Boots Were Made For Walkin:


Here’s a live version with Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson:


Jessica Simpson Picks Up Things With Her Feet

It appears that Ryan Seacrest is enamored with Jessica Simpson’s long toes and slender feet as well. Very enamored, that is.

When she appeared on his show in 2008, he had her showing off her hidden talent which is — of all things — picking stuff up with her feet!

Notice how Ryan is watching closely while Jessica picks up different fruits from a bowl that he provided her with — so she could show off this interesting, if not unusual, talent.

It’s obvious that she does have exceptionally long toes, so I imagine this gives her a better ability to grasp things than say someone with shorter toes.

This video shows Jessica Simpson picking up things with her feet:


Jessica Simpson’s Feet Aren’t Always So Flattering

One blogger wasn’t so impressed with Jessica or her famous feet and posted a picture of Jessica Simpson that I agree is pretty unflattering (…although I don’t believe it is really her fault but a fault of the lighting).

In this photo Jessica is wearing her then signature cutoff jeans, a white top with pink and brown vest, and wedge heels. The problem comes in that her feet (and half way up her calves) appear as though they are covered in blood.

She appears to be trying to “bust a move” but the pose along with the lighting (which for some reason is red of all colors!) gives her a very unflattering appearance. Again, I don’t think this is her fault, somebody wasn’t paying attention to the lighting and how it was showing up on stage.


Jessica Simpson: Bare Feet or Not?

Jessica Simpson and Ashley Simpson. photo by LGEPR on FlickrI have to admit though that my favorite comment about Jessica and her feet comes from a blogger who commented on her outfit at the Cannes Film Festival. She’s wearing a very stylish white and brown dress which looks good on her — especially with her blond hair and dark tan.

However, what the blogger was really commenting on were her feet and the sandals she was wearing. The point being that they are nearly the same color as her tan, which gives her feet the appearance of being naked.

When you look at the photo you can see what he means. I also agree. The fact that the color is so close also gives her the appearance of having longer legs than she actually does — which can be a good thing when you’re an actress.


More Photos Of Jessica Simpson’s Feet

I’m sure that we’ll be seeing more about Jessica Simpson and her feet in the future, since there are many people — both online and off — who seem to be infatuated with her feet and want to see more of them (as well as, Jessica).