Pictures Of Britney Spears Barefoot

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Obviously, shoes aren’t the only things that Britney Spears is taking off in public these days. But she definitely has a tendency to be barefoot in public – a lot.


See the full-size original photo below…


See even more great pictures of Britney barefoot, plus a great article about her tendency to shed her shoes (and other things) in public.

And for all the latest celebrity news, check out Gone Hollywood!


The photo in its original format:



More Britney Spears Feet Photos

The following videos contain amazing collections of barefoot Britney Spears photos.






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5 thoughts on “Pictures Of Britney Spears Barefoot

  1. Despite being obviously not the prettiest, her feet nevertheless remain the most popular. Here’s ultimate collection of Britney’s feet:

  2. a lot of girls have pretty feet. but even though britney spears is pretty she does not have pretty feet.  sorry britney. and i have a serious foot fetish. in the summertime i love seeing girls in flip flops.

  3. Brit has the nicest feet in Hollywood or the rock world, and I’ll tell you why. Her big toe is strong and dominant. The others are lesser and all in a line. Her foot has a nice arch. Brit keeps her feet clean, even though she barefoots a lot. This sensually attractive action strengthens her feet, as she is a damned good dancer. When not barefooting, she likes sandals and open-toed shoes, signaling to me that she likes her feet…and likes to show them off. For all those reasons and more, Britney Spears has the nicest feet and toes I have seen among celebrities!

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