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When a friend needed foot models for her reflexology exam, I agreed to help her. Ever since that day and coming home with the most wonderful feeling feet, I have kept my feet in great condition. Here's how to improve the condition of your feet and get feet like a foot model's!

Where do you begin to start a career in foot modeling? If you want to be a foot model -- or do ANY type of body parts modeling -- here are the best agencies, books, and foot models to contact in order to get your career as a foot model off the ground.

toe cleavage

Toe cleavage is sexy. Here's where to look, and how to enhance your own toe cleavage. This video filled with fun tips features world-famous foot model, Ellen Sirot.

Who better to get foot modeling tips from than the one and only Ellen Sirot? She's only the world's most famous hand and foot model! A wealth of information and tips for foot modeling can be found in this video from The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

Here are 6 things you want to avoid if you'd like to become a foot model... or just have feet worthy of being on a foot model!