Toe Cleavage: Tips From A Foot Model About Showing Cleavage With Your Toes

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toe cleavage photo by Markusram
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“Apparently, the sexiest flash of cleavage is between the toes,” says one of the reporters in the following video.

People generally refer to toe cleavage as those first 2 cracks of your toes. You know, that part that barely shows when you’re wearing tight-fitting close-toed shoes.

According to the world’s most famous foot model, Ellen Sirot:

Toe cleavage is this very sexy u-shape right at the base of your toe. And it’s exposed when you wear low-cut shoes. It’s cleavage. And similar to your other cleavage, it’s sexy.


Check out the following video where Ellen describes toe cleavage, along with ways to enhance it.

Recommended foot products…

In the video, Ellen recommends a handful of great products to help your feet (and enhance your toe cleavage), because “if you bare it, you have to prepare it.”

Her favorite products are:

  • Slik Anti-Chafing Spray – Ellen calls it “an invisible bandaid for your feet.” It prevents blisters on your feet due to rubbing and chafing inside your shoes.

  • Pro Foot Toe Beds — Foot pads that prevent calluses and corns on your feet that result from scrunching your toes inside your shoes. These pads give your toes something to grip onto.

  • Heel Rescue Foot Creme — Use this foot moisturizer to condition your feet when you get out of the shower.

  • Heel Rescue Intensive Overnight Foot Repair — Use every night to heal and protect your feet.


More great products for your feet that are quite unique.



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More about Ellen Sirot…

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Video Shows Ellen Sirot’s Feet And Hands

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An Interview With Hand & Foot Model Ellen Sirot

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She Goes To Great Lengths To Protect Her Best Assets

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Ellen Sirot’s Personal Story


Some photos from Ellen’s hand and foot portfolio…



toe cleavage
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