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Tips For Having Feet Like A Foot Model

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By Jane

Feet may not be the most attractive part of our bodies, but they still need just as much pampering as everywhere else — after all, they do carry us around for most of the day.

In the summer months when they are on show, we tend to think a little more about them. But during the winter they just seem to get covered up and ignored.

When a friend of mine needed ‘foot models’ for her reflexology exam, I agreed to help her.

Tips to help you have feet like a foot model

Ever since that day and coming home with the most wonderful feeling feet, I have tried to give my feet a little more consideration.

You can greatly improve the condition of your feet by carrying out a regular foot care routine:

  • Check your toenails regularly and keep them trimmed.
  • Rough skin is a common problem and this needs to be removed regularly with the use of a foot file or pumice stone.
  • Submerge your feet in a relaxing foot soak and sit back for about 10 or 15 minutes — peppermint foot preparations are particularly refreshing for feet.
  • Exfoliate your feet with a good foot scrub, rinse, dry gently and finally massage them with a cooling foot lotion — paying particular attention to toes and heels.

Feel the difference. No more dry, scaly or uncomfortable feet — just smooth, soft and supple.

Go on… try it and see for yourself!