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Charlize Theron Feet – She Thinks They’re Ugly, Do You?

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By Regina

There’s no question that Charlize Theron is one of the most attractive actresses to grace any movie screen.

Not only does she have a large fan base, but so do her feet.

I personally find it interesting that she thinks her feet are ugly.

She actually thinks they are the ugliest thing about her and can’t understand why her boyfriend Stuart Townsend loves them so much.

Charlize Theron Feet Pics

She is a former ballerina, so her feet have taken a real beating over the years — and she has the scars to prove it.

“I’ve had 14 broken toes and blood poisoning from infected blisters that didn’t heal for six months. If you look closely, you can see the scars.”

Charlize Theron

Not everyone loves Charlize’s feet though. One reporter commented on the shoes she chose for an event, calling them the “ugliest sandals in life.” Fortunately, he didn’t comment on her feet by themselves, just what she was wearing on them. I suspect that most fans will forgive her choice of footwear, as long as she keeps being her lovely self.

Charlize Theron Shoes

When Charlize Theron went to the premier for her movie The Burning Plain, she arrived in some very high heels. So high in fact, that she towered over her director and co-stars without any problem. The stiletto heels — which were black snakeskin with gold heels — put her normally 5-foot 10-inch frame over 6 feet tall.

Despite a dress that made her look like she was wrapped in gold shiny giftwrap (and would make the rest of us normal women look bad), she pulled it off beautifully. Of course, I would never have attempted those heels for fear of falling on my backside. But then that’s just me.

Charlize’s shoe size is 9-1/2, and her feet are shaped in such a way as to make them appear long and large. It must be hard for her to find shoes that fit just right.

From what I can see, Charlize Theron actually has pretty feet. While she claims the scars are there from her ballet years, I certainly can’t see them, not even in up close photos. My guess is she is more aware of them because she sees her feet all the time. But the scars have largely faded and they really aren’t as noticeable as she thinks.