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Sanuk flip flops are my favorite sandals, especially their yoga mat flip flops! Here are the pro's and con's of Sanuk yoga mat flip flops. My review...

Crocs shoes shrink when exposed to high heat: left in a hot car, washed in the dishwasher, left out in the sun. See how to unshrink Crocs if yours shrunk.

While walking and running are similar (and some people do both) there are differences between the 2 types of shoes. All about walking shoes vs running shoes

Here are 6 simple DIY ways to decorate shoes and give them a fresh new look. Customize your own shoes to look like they're from a fancy boutique!

Corns on the feet are a common problem affecting all ages. They're most common in women who wear improperly fitted shoes. 3 natural foot corn treatments that work!

I first saw this on Good Morning America. Here's the full video from ABC's 20/20, plus the full story that goes with the video.

Foot movements are one of the most powerful indicators of whether a woman finds a guy attractive or not. The same is true with how far you open your legs when you're sitting and standing. Here's a summary of foot and leg body language signals. See what you're REALLY saying with your feet and legs!

Of the 3 examples of footwear listed here, the Z-Coil name has the largest presence on the Internet. Overall comments about customer satisfaction appear to be overwhelmingly positive. Here are some things to think about before buying Z-Coil shoes.

Wondering how you can make your big feet look smaller? Do big feet mean you will be tall as an adult? Here's everything you need to know about big feet...