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Foot Body Language & Leg Body Language: See What Your Feet & Legs Are Saying About You!

woman-sitting-with-open-legs-by-Fausto-Hernandez-Photography.jpg Foot movements are one of the most powerful indicators of whether a woman finds a guy attractive or not.

The same is true with how far you open your legs when you’re sitting and standing.

Did you know that?

Well, I never really thought about it like that before.

Geoff Beattie, dean of psychological sciences at the University of Manchester, said he examined how people move their feet in a number of situations and found women tended to move their feet away from their bodies, adopting more open-leg stances, when speaking with someone they find attractive.

So watch how you sit and stand in front of men, ladies!

Of course, this all happens subliminally — which means you probably don’t even know it’s happening when you’re doing it.

But it’s interesting nonetheless.

Our subtle body movements say so much about what we’re thinking and feeling — without having to say a word!

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