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Hayden Panettiere’s Famous Feet

Hayden Panettiere has gorgeous feet that have been captured in both film and photos -- barefoot and in shoes. I'm quite sure we will be seeing more of Hayden Panettiere and her famous feet as time moves forward.

Foot Acupressure Points To Relax Your Feet (…And The Rest Of Your Body)

See how to do a reflexology foot massage -- on yourself or someone else. You can choose to concentrate on the foot and ankle in general or focus on specific pressure points. Each yields different results. The good news: for most healthy individuals, a 5-minute foot rub per foot can be performed daily without any problem. So acupressure of the feet appears to be one of the safest ways to help yourself. And it's easy, too!

Huge Collections of Feet Videos

Here's a growing collection of videos just about feet! Bare feet... sore feet... feet wearing shoes... naked feet... funny feet... healthy feet... girls' feet... boys' feet... you get the idea.