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Hayden Panettiere’s Famous Feet

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By Regina

Hayden Panettiere barefoot on the beach.Toe To Toe With Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere who played Claire Bennet on Heroes (and now plays Juliette Barnes, a country singer and former teen star sensation on Nashville) got her foot stomped on pretty hard by a bystander.

She was in LAX and the papparazi were doing their usual bumping and jostling trying to get pictures of the famous young woman, when someone trying to get out of their way most likely accidentally stomped hard on Hayden’s toes.

You can tell from the look on her face in pictures taken by those who caused the accident that she was in some pain from the incident.

I’ll tell you, it makes me glad I’m not that famous.


Check out this video of Hayden Panettiere painting her toenails:


Hayden Panettiere Has Gorgeous Feet

Another incident with Hayden Panettiere and her famous feet took place when she was at the Video Music Awards show.

A fan standing close to her said that she looked great, at which point Hayden turned around and said, “My feet don’t feel so gorgeous right now.” Which just goes to show you that even celebrities can have a tough time with high heels!

Personally, I don’t know how she and other celebrities do it because even when I was young I had a really hard time wearing heels. The whole tilt your center of gravity forward and make you wobble just never worked for me.


Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Hayden Panettiere’s Feet

One blogger, upon seeing a picture of Hayden Panettiere in what looked like shoes that were too big for her, made a point of mentioning this to all sundry in her blog.

In all honesty though, I think it was just the style of shoes she was wearing.


If The Shoe Fits…

Hayden Panettiere in shoes that fit her well... Nice feet!

Earlier this year, Hayden Panettiere became the spokesperson for Candies shoes, a popular brand. Not surprising since it seems as if no matter what picture I see her in, she has a different pair of shoes on.

The last time I went to the mall there was a huge picture of her wearing a pair of Candies shoes and smiling. I suspect that much like many other female celebrities, shoes are her thing.


Hayden Panettiere’s Candies Ads

Like most pretty young women, Hayden Panettiere has lovely feet that have been captured in both film and photos.

I’m quite sure we will be seeing more of Hayden and her famous feet as time moves forward.