Easy Solutions For Sweaty Smelly Feet

Some people’s feet sweat more than other people’s feet. Whenever your feet sweat, bacteria feed off the sweat and create smelly fatty acids that give your feet a really nasty odor. Combine this with the fact the fact that warm moisture encourages the growth of fungi, and you can have a real uncomfortable situation on your hands.

Hayden Panettiere’s Famous Feet

Hayden Panettiere has gorgeous feet that have been captured in both film and photos — barefoot and in shoes. I’m quite sure we will be seeing more of Hayden Panettiere and her famous feet as time moves forward.

GPS Shoes Keep Kids And Adults Safe

I predict that these GPS shoes are going to take our world by storm, and change the way we view keeping our loved ones safe forever. Here’s how they work, and where to get your own pair of GPS shoes.