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Easy Solutions For Sweaty Smelly Feet

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By Regina

There are different reasons that some people having sweatier feet than others, but one of the main reasons is this: 

Many of us wear shoes and socks made of synthetic materials.

Unfortunately, when you do this, it makes it difficult for the sweat that may gather on the skin of your feet to evaporate, or for the sweat to be absorbed.

Another reason for sweaty feet can be too much stress on the feet — such as when you’ve been on your feet for hours and they are tired.

A third reason for excessively sweaty feet is that it is an inherited condition.

And finally, sweaty feet are often caused by hormones, such as with adolescents.

What About Smelly Feet?

Whatever the reason for your sweaty feet in the first place, the fact of the matter is whenever your feet sweat, bacteria feed off the sweat and create smelly fatty acids that give your feet a really nasty odor.

Combine this with the fact the fact that warm moisture encourages the growth of fungi, and you can have a real uncomfortable situation on your hands.

Another bad thing about foot fungi (or Athletes foot) is that it can be spread from one person to another. While Athletes foot is one of the more common types of foot fungi, it is not the only one. Foot fungi don’t just invade your the skin of your feet either; you can actually get foot fungi underneath your toenails too.

Is There A Quick Fix For Sweaty Feet?

So, you’ve got sweaty smelly feet, what can you do about it?

Actually, there are a number of things you can do that will help your feet not to smell so bad, and maybe not even to sweat as much,. But, honestly, some of the cures seem worse than the problem. For example: the cure that suggests having botox injections in your feet (it takes up to 36!). Personally, I think I’ll pass on that one.

The truth is in most cases just upgrading your hygiene with regards to your feet is enough to take care of a sweaty smelly foot problem.

How To Prevent Sweaty Feet And Smelly Feet

Here are some easy tips to take care of this common health problem:

  1. Choose leather shoes that actually have a leather lining. Leather shoes that have a plastic lining defeat the purpose of purchasing leather shoes because they don’t allow your feet to breathe.
  2. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes day after day. Instead, wear a different pair each day and this will give the previous pair a chance to dry out. A lot of sweat is absorbed by shoes; not giving them at least a day off in between means that they aren’t able to dry out. So, when you wear them again and your feet sweat again this can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.
  3. Throw out all your nylon socks and stockings. The reason for this is because they don’t allow your feet to breath. Instead replace them with cotton, wool, or a wool cotton mix type of sock or stocking as they more easily absorb sweat and allow your feet to breath better.
  4. Purchase detachable insoles for your shoes and wash them every day. This will help with more than just your sweaty feet; it also helps with the wear and tear on your shoes because the detachable insoles absorb the sweat instead of your shoe.
  5. Once you’ve worn a pair of socks, don’t wear them a second day. Instead, once you’ve worn them once, wash them. This way, bacteria don’t have a chance to begin breeding which would make your feet even more smelly.
  6. Don’t purchase shoes that are tight on your feet. You especially don’t want to wear shoes that are made from synthetic materials, as your feet cannot breathe and this can lead to sweaty, smelly feet.
  7. Rub an emollient that has glycerine into your feet. This is especially helpful when your feet are stressed and tired. Tired feet have a tendency to sweat more, so if you slather on an emollient that contains glycerine to clean and dry feet, this can assist greatly with the problem.

Here’s a tip to keep your feet dry and smelling good all day long:

Most of the time, just putting some or all of these tips into action will go along way towards curing a sweaty, smelly foot problem.

However, if it doesn’t, then talk to your doctor as there are more extreme solutions to taking care of this problem.