Foot Love: How To Give Foot Rubs, Massages, and Pedicures

by Andrea

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foot-rub-ready-feet-by-tyla75.jpg When someone in my family wants to show love to someone else, we take care of each others’ feet.

  • My daughter gives the best foot rubs in the world and massages all the way up to the knee.  In turn, she loves to have her little toenails painted.
  • My husband knows how to de-stress my feet using acupressure techniques and can find hurts that I did not know were there.  In turn, he loves it when you groom his toenails.
  • My son is a teenager, so while he likes having his feet rubbed, he will not touch ours.  I guess you can’t win them all.

Still, in my house, taking care of another’s feet means “I love you”, in a way that words cannot express.

If you want to show your family a little love, I suggest you grab a foot, some lotion, and perhaps some grooming tools and start rubbing!


How To Do It

You don’t have to be a pro to give someone a foot rub.  You don’t even need strong hands.

My 11-year-old daughter has proven that.  Her trick is to use a foot spa machine and then a ton of lotion.  After making me soak my feet in the foot spa she bought me for mother’s day, she smothers our legs and feet with a ton of lotion and rubs until the lotion is gone.  She uses the slickness of the oil to slide her knuckles around on our feet and calves.  She does such a good job that sometimes I slip her a few dollars as a tip.

Even if your loved one’s feet are not aching, you can show some foot love by giving a homemade pedicure.

My husband and son love this treatment.  You just need a good quality toenail clipper with a good grip on it, a nail file and a cuticle tool.

I like to trim toenails so that just a tiny bit of white nail shoes, and file off any jagged edges.  Toenails (in my family anyway) tend to grow a thick cuticle that leads to hangnails.  While I do not cut cuticles, I do use the cuticle trimmer to remove them.  Then, I lotion and massage the toes.

Check out Tips for Having Feet like a Foot Model for ways to create beautiful feet. You can use those same tips on your loved one’s feet!

foot-massage-1-by-utnapistim.jpg foot-massage-2-by-utnapistim.jpg

I’m not a big fan of painted toes for myself.  Instead I like to use these tips to make my toenails whiter.

Still, I cannot help but indulge my daughter with fun painted toes. I don’t let her paint her fingernails, but we give the toes some serious bling.  We might paint each one a different color.  We might add dots or stripes.  The crazier the design, the better.

The best thing about showing love by taking care of one another’s feet is that it doesn’t cost anything, and can be done spontaneously.

If you can’t get any foot love at home, don’t be too sad.  You can always use this tutorial to give yourself a foot rub.

To learn to do a more professional foot rub as a surprise for your loved one, check out this foot massage tutorial video.