Havaiana Flip Flops: How Are They Different From Regular Flip Flops?

How are Havaianas different from other flip flops? Well, Havaianas began to distinguish themselves from knock-offs as early as 1970 when they launched a commercial stating that ‘they don’t lose their shape, they don’t smell, and the straps don’t get loose’ — unlike other flip flops.

7 Interesting (But Dangerous) Shoe Fads You Should Be Aware Of

Shoes are necessary, utilitarian, and mostly mandatory. They are also fun, creative, and wonderful expressions of our creativity and personality. In that expression of our personality, many of us gravitate toward different shoe fads. Shoe fads usually take one aspect of a regular shoe and exaggerate it. That means new fabrics, unusual lines, and even extreme heights.

Donate Shoes To Soles4Souls… It’s Easy And FUN!

I hate throwing out shoes, especially when they are in perfectly good condition. Like when your kids have outgrown them. Soles4Souls is a reputable organization that accepts gently worn shoes and gives them to people who are in need of shoes.