Foot Reading: Do You Know What Your Feet Say About You? What About Celebrity Feet?

by Andrea

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the-foot-reading-coach-book-by-jane-sheehan.jpgOf course, your feet may reveal how well you take care of yourself based on how manicured they are.

Abd how much and how often you show your feet may reveal how private you are.

But can your feet really reveal details about your love life, your brain, and your vulnerabilities?


According to the Herald Sun:

  • Your second toe reveals your sensitivity level.
  • Having skinny feet means you like to have people take care of you.
  • Having wide feet mean you are hardworking and on the go.

That same article also discusses the feet of several celebrities and how their personalities line up with specific characteristics of their feet.

Here’s a sampling…


Britney Spears feet:

She has tattoos on her feet and these are drawing attention to something, in this case thoughts about her relationships and the impact of her working life.  One is the Chinese symbol for freedom, which indicates she wants a relationship which still allows her the freedom to work. She is very independent as she has a lifted big toe, and her toes go up in a line which means she is extremely methodical and hates being interrupted in the middle of anything.  Source


Cameron Diaz feet:

Her flat feet show she is sociable and doesn’t want to spend too much time on her own and she’s got a well-developed sense of fun and she’s sensitive to other peoples’ ideas.  Source

Other celebs whose feet are discussed: David Beckham and Posh Spice.


Foot Reading:  What Your Feet Say About You

Serena’s Guide To Podomancy provides quite a few tips on the art of foot reading.  According to these assessments:

…My high arched, wide feet with calluses (from childhood) and a long second toe says that I am dependable and conservative with my emotions in check.  That I am hardworking and value ties to the church and community.  That I take better care of others than myself, and that I am intellectual and prefer to work through issues from an intellectual standpoint.

I can’t really argue with that.  Still, I have a hard time believing that one night of wearing roller rink skates which scarred my toes at the age of 12 can tell anything about my personality.

Quiz: What Do Your Feet Say About You?

Celebrity Feet Quizzes

So now that you know what people’s feet say about them, can you match the celebrity feet with the celebrity?

I got 4 out of 10.  Comment below and tell us how you did.