The heel pain I was experiencing was indeed Plantar Faciitis. photo by Curtis at

Plantar Fasciitis – Symptoms & Treatment For Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that affects the arch of your foot. Here are the symptoms and treatments for Plantar Fasciitis, including night splints, daytime braces, a Plantar Fasciitis soc, and helpful stretching exercises.

Shoes, Feet, And Posture: The Importance Of A Good Shoe

Did you know that the right shoe should have a heel that is actually slightly lower than the ball of the foot? And shoes without arch support actually flatten your foot and damage all those tender bones and muscles and ligaments. Here’s how the right shoes affect your feet…

How To Determine Your Foot’s Natural Arch Height

David Fisher at has a unique line of products for your feet, and I trust his years of expertise when it comes to running shoes, orthopedic support shoes and arch supports. Check out his tips for determining your foot’s natural arch height.

Good Feet Arch Supports

Good Feet makes the #1 arch support in America and the company ranks 2nd among the fastest growing franchise in the Nation! Here’s more info for people with problem feet and arches…

How To Do Toe Crunches

Toe crunches help strengthen and define many of the muscles on the bottom of the foot, the ones that support the foot in a high heel shoe. Here’s how to do toe crunches…