Video & More… How To Give Yourself A Foot Rub

by Lynnette

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A female giving herself a foot massage. This isn’t exactly an instructional video, and not all of the steps for giving yourself a foot rub are actually included here.

But you’ll be able to get a pretty good idea of how easy it is to give your achy feet some relief.

Instructions for giving yourself a foot massage follow…


How To Do A Foot Massage

According to massage therapist Ann Marie Cominsky, here’s how to give yourself a foot rub:

1. Sit in a comfy chair and coat right foot with lotion. Lay foot on your left knee.

2. Press right thumb into center of heel and release. Work your thumb down the length of foot, pressing and releasing, until you reach your toes. Repeat down the sides of your foot; pay attention to the inner arch, with its many pressure points.

3. Next, take hold of your big toe and rotate it a few times in each direction. Repeat with your other toes.

4. To finish, rotate your ankle a few times in each direction.

5. Repeat with left foot.


And Now For The Video…

Listen as a masseuse describes the steps involved while massaging the feet and stretching the toes:

And when you’re done… try rubbing a little lotion on your feet — using only your feet!


Great Books Illustrating How To Give Foot Rubs:

The Hand and Foot Massage illustrated book by Atkinson & Davis. Mind-Blowing Foot Massage book by Renee Tanner. How To Give The Perfect Foot Massage - a book by Stacey Saleff.