FREE Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover

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Pretty Feet & Hands lotion. Get a free bottle of Pretty Feet & Hands lotion.

I’ts yours just for the asking!

I got one. There are no strings attached.

This is good stuff.

It works great at removing the rough spots on your feet …and your hands!

Pretty Feet and Hands rough skin remover lotion.
I’ve used Pretty Feet & Hands before… I think of it as a “classic” in the beauty care regime when it comes to feet. I mean, it’s been around for years. My mom always highly recommended it.

I guess I just never re-stocked when I ran out, but thanks to this free sample, I’m back to using Pretty Feet & Hands regularly again!

Get your FREE sample of Pretty Feet & Hands here. (UPDATE: This offer is now expired.)

They recommend using it before you shower or bathe. Simply apply Pretty Feet & Hands to the rough, dry areas on your feet, ankles, hands, and elbows — anywhere your skin is dry and flaky. Massage completely until the rough skin rolls off.

The Pretty Feet & Hands logo.

You’ll see dramatic results with Pretty Feet and Hands Rough Skin Remover within days. Our exclusive formula gently and safely exfoliates dry, flaky skin and renews your skin’s natural softness. Pamper yourself and give your feet and hands the attention they deserve. Source