Z-Coil Shoes Alleviate Foot & Back Pain As You Walk

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Have you seen commercials for Z-Coil shoes on TV?

We have a store here in Nashville, and I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for ZCoil on TV lately.

I’ve also seen quite a few people wearing these shoes — both here, and in other states. And, I have to say… while they look quite unique, they are intriguing and interesting to say the least.

I thought I’d see what this fun new form of footwear was all about. Here’s what I’ve learned:


Prior to August 2010, Z-Coil shoes were not sold online or in regular shoe stores.

Here’s why:

In order to achieve the greatest pain-relief benefits possible from Z-Coil footwear, we require all customers to be custom-fitted in our shoes by qualified authorized Z-Coil distributors. This is why Z-Coil footwear is not sold over the Internet or in regular shoe stores. — Z-Coil

For example, you can’t just take a pair of Z-Coil shoes off the shelf and wear them. Instead, each pair of Z-Coils has up to 32 different adjustments that can be made, and it can take an hour or longer to custom-fit a pair of Z-Coils for an individual.

UPDATE: Now you can buy Zcoil shoes through the Z-coil online store. Or, you can Z-coil online storein your area.


How They Work

The patented design of Z-Coil footwear combines a large coil under the heel with a rigid, 3/4-length orthotic.

Each step you take while merely walking has an impact pressure of 2-3 times your normal weight. The stress of this impact is transmitted through your knees, your back, and can exacerbate existing conditions. Z-coil shoes remove much of that strain by absorbing the impact of each step you take. –Northern California Neurosurgery

Check out the Z-Blog Reporter — the unofficial blog of Z-Coil footwear. It’s written by a Z-Coil shoe owner (6 pairs). There are lots of fun facts and interesting publicity about Z-Coils.

Want to know more about the Z-Coil story?… Here is the inventor, Alvaro Z. Gallegos’s story.


Z-Coil Testimonials

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* YouTube Video Testimonials — a few dozen videos featuring testimonials from satisfied Z-Coil shoe owners.

* Z-Coil Site — official testimonials featured on the Zcoil website.

* Europe For Visitors — field testing two pairs of Z-Coil shoes.


Z-Coil Dealer Blogs

Most of these Z-Coil dealers started out as Z-Coil customers. And there’s something to be said for a satisfied customer that decides to make it their business.

Some of these Z-Coil dealer blogs have not been updated in awhile, but I still like to peruse through the archives to find learn about others’ experiences with Z-Coil shoes.


Z-Coil Controversy (Old News)

I like to be in the loop when it comes to the pro’s and con’s of a particular product. And there’s a chance you might find some reference to the controversial Good Housekeeping report. So here’s the scoop…

* PR Web

* Good Housekeeping Reports: ZCoil Footwear – Potentially Dangerous Shoes

* Good Housekeeping Institute Fudged Facts On Z-Coil Footwear To Media


Zoils Are Good & Expensive

I have to admit… as strange as they look, I’d definitely wear Z-Coil shoes. I’m just not sure I can afford ’em. (They cost about $200 a pair.) I also like that they’re made in the USA.

You’re looking at about $200 for running shoes, $220 for dress shoes and $190 for sandals. — O Gizmo!

Still have questions? Check out the Z-Coil FAQ.


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