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Flip Flops Gone Bad… Have Your Flip Flops Ever Left Burn Marks On Your Feet?

Word is Flip flops made in China and sold at Walmart may be bad for your health.

Supposedly, Walmart has taken flip flops from China off their store shelves. But, if Walmart sold them, chances are other stores may be selling them — whether they know it or not.

So, for your feet’s sake (and the feet of your kids!), please have a look at the pictures and stories that follow. These are real life cases of flip flops gone bad.

The Proof Is In The Burn Marks

I believe this was the first documented case of flip flops causing damage to your feet…

Read the story of Kerry Stiles from Ocklawaha, Florida whose feet were terribly burned from a reaction to a pair of flip flops she purchased at Walmart.

Kerry’s latest update was in December 2007. She included tips for finding a lawyer if this has happened to you after wearing flip flops.

Turns out, the rash and burning skin have occurred on other people’s feet too.

Kerry says she’s received at least 123 emails from people saying they had the same thing happen to them.

My $.02

I applaud Kerry for her courage to share her story publicly. I mean ALL of the gory details. (By the way, she used to work for Walmart).

It’s helpful to those of us who love flip flops. and are likely to pick up a new pair on a whim throughout the summer months. It’s also helpful for those of us who are on a budget and can’t always afford some of the ‘better’ brands of footwear.

I currently own about a dozen different pairs of flip flops — none of which is from a name-brand company.

Stories like this always remind me to think twice before I buy something new.

And, in case you’re thinking that this is probably hogwash — just another urban legend — check out the Snopes page about Walmart flip flops. It’s TRUE.

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