Foot Pictures

Celebrity Feet Are HOT!

Celebrity Feet and Bare Feet are all the rage these days. According to Yahoo Buzz anyway. I knew I wasn’t the only one to have this fascination with feet. Yep, feet are cool — and FUN! Whether they’re your own or someone else’s…

Britney Spears’ Foot Fetish

When pressed to divulge her biggest turn-on… Britney Spears says, ‘For a guy to kiss my feet.’ See the video here…

A Wet Footprint

Here’s a picture of a wet footprint — snapped when I was walking up the steps.

Pedicure Feet

Here’s a picture of my friend’s feet — after their very first pedicure!

Poopy Feet

Here are some smelly feet that can’t be beat. Check out this picture of a little guy getting some leverage from his poopy feet! (He’s not mad, he’s ‘concentrating’…)