Video Of Lisa Rinna Getting A Foot Massage On TV

by Lynnette

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Lisa Rinna on Soap Talk TV. Lisa Rinna is a celeb that you love to hate.

Not really… it’s just that she’s so beautiful, and self-confident, and talented.

And she’s got great feet!

Here’s a video of Lisa Rinna getting her feet massaged on a TV show called Soap Talk.

It’s comical in more ways than one.

Plus, it makes you want to run out and get a foot massage!

If you watch (and listen) closely, you might pick up a few tips on how to give a foot massage from the expert that’s on the show.

Who is Lisa Rinna?

She’s probably known for other things, but most recently, she’s known for her dancing feet on last season’s “Dancing With The Stars” series.

Here’s a video of Lisa Rinna’s performance on “Dancing With The Stars”…