WARNING: Gross Video Shows How To Pull An Infected Toenail Off

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Toenail removal gone wrong.For some people (like me), infected toenails and/or ingrown toenails are a regular occurrence.

Personally, I always follow a few simple steps to safely remove ingrown toenails myself every time.

However, based on the following videos, not everyone is as careful as I am.

Some people actually resort to their own DIY methods for removing an infected toenails.

IMPORTANT: I am not recommending these methods. Seriously. I do not recommend that you try to take care of your infected toenail in these ways.

But I’m being honest when I say that it helped me to watch the following videos first — because it made it clear to me what an infected toenail consists of and what an ingrown toenail really looks like underneath the skin. It helped me determine which (very small) parts of the toenail actually need to be removed with an ingrown toenail.

If you, too, want to see what an infected toenail really consists of, then I encourage you to watch the following videos. Then use only the safest methods to treat your own ingrown toenails.


Infected Toenail Gone Wrong

The guy in this first video has an infected toenail that’s gone on for some time.

Today’s the day he decides to completely treat the ingrown toenail himself… using only a pair of pliers!

Ouch! Watch it if you dare:

Infected toenail video

…Now that’s some serious toe jam!


Next, it was eye-opening for me to see how large the pointed and painful part of an ingrown toenail is… and how it rests just below the skin.

I do NOT recommend doing this.

But it’s a fact that we can still learn from situations when things are not done correctly:

Ingrown toenail video (Don’t try this at home!)

Another ingrown toenail video