Fun Foot Stuff

Make This Fun Barefoot Stocking With Painted Toes!

Looking for a novel idea for a Christmas stocking that you can make this year? Look no farther than this barefoot Christmas stocking in fun colors — and with painted toenails, too! Perfect for the person who has everything… the podiatrist… the pedicurist… or anyone with a crazy foot fetish.

Scary Halloween Costume Feet Props

Here are some crazy costume feet that some of you might be interested in using as part of your — or your child’s — Halloween costume this year. Plus, what might be the scariest Halloween costume of all: the 2-headed beast with arm extenders!

Huge Collections of Feet Videos

Here’s a growing collection of videos just about feet! Bare feet… sore feet… feet wearing shoes… naked feet… funny feet… healthy feet… girls’ feet… boys’ feet… you get the idea.

Shoelaces Made From Your Pet’s Fur

Make your own fun shoelaces using the fur you find in your dog or cat’s pet brush! Yep, dog fur makes great shoe laces! What better way to memorialize your beloved pet?

All The Ways You Can Tie Your Shoelaces & Lace Your Shoes

Here are examples, photos and instructions for lacing up your shoes. See how to tie your shoelaces in the following ways: Ladder, Zipper, Double Back, Loop Back, Bushwalk, Sawtooth, Footbag, Display Hash, Twistie, Hidden Knot, Riding Bow, Checkerboard, Lattice, and Bi-Color.