Fun Foot Stuff

Elephants Hear With Their Feet?!

Dr. Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell has presented groundbreaking new evidence that the Earth’s largest land animal uses its feet to detect sound waves that travel through the ground.

Feet On Feet Tattoos

One father’s devotion to his children is displayed by the footprints of his children tattooed onto the tops of his own feet. Check it out!

Proof of Bigfoot

I think this is the only REAL proof that Bigfoot actually exists…

Carpal Toe Syndrome… It Could Happen!

FYI: The carpal bone is in the wrist. It is the tarsal bone that is in the ankle. Therefore, if you repeatedly perform a certain behavior with your toes, similar to repeated behaviors with your hands… then yes, you could get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome… except it would be called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

A Fun Foot Memory Game… With Pictures of Feet

I created these interactive picture games using the words ‘feet’ and ‘foot fetish’ respectively. But you can put in any tag or word that you choose and get different pictures every time. It’s a new game with different pictures every time you play! Enjoy the Foot Fetish Game and the Feet Photos Game — a memory game, similar to Concentration…

Audio Clips From ‘Friends’ About Feet

Here are some funny sound clips about feet from the ‘Friends’ TV show. One is Chandler talking about his big mouth. The other is Monica talking about feet flirting.