Fun Foot Stuff

Audio Clips From ‘Friends’ About Feet

Here are some funny sound clips about feet from the ‘Friends’ TV show. One is Chandler talking about his big mouth. The other is Monica talking about feet flirting.

Happy Feet… The Movie!

We saw the previews for this movie in the theater the other day. It’s called Happy Feet, and it’s about a penguin with, well… happy feet! It looks like a lot of FUN…

Adjustable vs Fitted Toe Rings

Without a doubt, I prefer fitted toe rings. In fact, that’s all I wear. However, adjustable toe rings certainly have their advantages. Here are the pros & cons of fitted vs adjustable toe rings…


How To Find The Right Sized Toe Ring

Here’s how to accurately determine the size of toe ring you need to purchase, if you’re choosing a fitted toe ring over an adjustable toe ring…

Scary Halloween Feet

These are Lynnette’s own scary looking feet — which happen to be quite useful when holding a pumpkin in place during carving!