Scary Halloween Costume Feet Props

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Halloween is right around the corner.

So this is the place to discuss scary looking feet that could be used to complete a Halloween costume.


I found some crazy costume feet that you might be interested in using as part of your (or your child’s) Halloween costume this year.



This 2-Headed Monster Is “The Beast Of All Beasts”…

I think my favorite Halloween costume this year has got to be the two-headed beast!

I like it because it comes with 2 heads and arm extenders.

Looks pretty creepy to me:

Whether you go with a costume like this, or one that’s a little tamer, there are lots of fun ways to incorporate some scary Halloween feet like these.


Scary Feet For Halloween Costumes

Monster feet in the flesh…


Furry monkey chimp feet


Red devil’s feet with black toenails…


Jumbo gorey barefoot feet


Hairy werewolf feet


Green webbed Creature from the Black Lagoon feet….


Beast or goat hooves

Boney skeleton feet


Hobbit feet from Lord of the Rings…


Black gorilla feet


Orange orangutan feet


And now, just for laughs…

Check out this ankle biter dog toy!

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