Poopy Feet

Here are some smelly feet that can’t be beat. Check out this picture of a little guy getting some leverage from his poopy feet! (He’s not mad, he’s ‘concentrating’…)

Foot Aromatherapy For Troubled Feet

Aromatherapy is a popular way to help treat a variety of health and physical ailments.By applying essential oils to the feet — either directly or via a foot bath — your body is able to absorb them quite quickly and effectively.

Feet Splashing In Water

My ‘farewell to summer’ photo… A picture of a mother and child splashing in the water at the shoreline.

Awwww!… Baby Feet

An adorable pair of baby feet… rockin’ the world away on a baby rocking chair.

Singer Pat Green’s Feet

Singer-songwriter Pat Green enjoys rocking out while barefoot. Here he is with naked feet in Nashville, Tennessee…

How To Make Your Pedicure (Or Manicure) Last Longer

You spend a significant amount of time getting a pedicure (…and maybe a lot of money, too). So whatever you can do to prolong the life of a pedicure, the better. Right? Here’s a quick tip to keep your pedicure looking great and lasting longer…

Painted Toes With Bling

These are my toes… seriously in need of a fresh paint job. Check out Lynnette’s pedicure-deprived feet…

Tiddies Are In! Check Out These Fun Sandals

Tiddies… are a fun ‘retro’ slip-on shoe that’s in a class of its own. These fun sandals have also come to be known as ‘summer camp shoes’ or ‘pirate shoes’. Regardless of what you call ’em, they’re some seriously cool shoes!