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Are your feet dry & cracked? You can exfoliate feet to make them soft & smooth overnight! Here's how to make a foot scrub and enjoy a soothing foot soak at home!

The one thing my wife wanted for Christmas was a Ped Egg foot file. It's used to shave dead dry skin off your feet. Our review + New pedi files for calluses.

If scary Halloween feet are your thing, you're gonna love these creepy Halloween feet recipes! My favorite is the recipe for Meat Feet, a mega-sized meatloaf.

While walking and running are similar (and some people do both) there are differences between the 2 types of shoes. All about walking shoes vs running shoes

Here are 6 simple DIY ways to decorate shoes and give them a fresh new look. Customize your own shoes to look like they're from a fancy boutique!

How long your nail polish lasts without chipping after a pedicure/manicure depends on the base coat & top coat you use. Nail polish reviews to help you choose the best ones.

Corns on the feet are a common problem affecting all ages. They're most common in women who wear improperly fitted shoes. 3 natural foot corn treatments that work!

Need a foot callus remover? If left untreated, foot calluses can become painful and limit your choice of shoes. 3 natural cures for calluses + 4 foot callus removers.

I first saw this on Good Morning America. Here's the full video from ABC's 20/20, plus the full story that goes with the video.