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Creepy Halloween Feet Recipes For Parties

If scary Halloween feet are your thing (granted, that link was pretty tame, but you get the gist), then you’re gonna love these creepy Halloween feet recipes!

My all-time favorite is the following recipe for Meat Feet.


Meat Feet is a mega-sized gross looking meatloaf recipe that is always a hit at parties!

Along those same lines, you can also see the recipe for Meat Hand below…


How To Prepare Meat Feet For A Halloween Party

  • Shape your meatloaf like a large monster foot. (It’s not as hard as it sounds.)
  • Use odd-shaped nuts for the jagged toenails.
  • Strategically place a large butcher knife (or cleaver!) half-way into the “foot” if you want it to be truly disgusting looking!
  • Add ketchup for blood.

Here’s the original Feet of Meat recipe.

And here are a few other very similar recipes:

When served with a couple of other really gross Halloween party foods you can imagine just how cool it would be to serve Meat Feet or a Meat Hand at your next Halloween party!


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