Sweeper Slippers & Mop Shoes… Well, They Just Might Work!

There’s no denying these mop & sweeper slippers make a lot of sense. But I just wonder how many people would actually buy them… I mean, for themselves. I can definitely see how they’d make great gag gifts. And from one spouse who always does all the sweeping and mopping to another… I’d try ’em!

Bamboo Socks Have Some Incredible Features

Bamboo socks are better than cotton socks due to their incredible absorbency, antibacterial and wicking properties. And, despite what you might think, bamboo is VERY comfortable on the feet!

Why X Socks Are The Perfect Sock For Your Foot

X Socks are high-tech socks for your feet! They use variable-density padding in ‘zones’ to ensure that your feet maintain the proper contact with your shoes at all times. They also work behind-the-scenes to keep your feet optimally cooled and bathed in fresh air to prevent blisters and reduce the onset of sweating, swelling, and fatigue.