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Why X Socks Are The Perfect Sock For Your Foot

x-socks-lightweight-trekking-sock.jpg X Socks are high-tech socks for your feet!

They use variable-density padding in “zones” to ensure that your feet maintain the proper contact with your shoes at all times.

They also work behind-the-scenes to keep your feet optimally cooled and bathed in fresh air to prevent blisters and reduce the onset of sweating, swelling, and fatigue.

Looking for a sock that provides comfort and protection?

Look no further…

Key features: (depending on the specific sock you order)

X-cross bandage — stabilizes the ankle

Ankle protector — reduces the danger of friction

Achilles tendon protector — reduces the incidence of pressure points

Heel protector –reduces the risk of blisters

Unique air-flow channel system — the ventilation system for the sole of the foot

Anatomically shaped footbed — for the right and left foot

Toe tip protector — protects the tips of the toes

Duckbill shaped foot guard — offers shock absorption and padding all around

Stretching rib — lends elasticity and air circulation to the sock

Iso blocker — blocks cold air

Air conditioning channel — to cool the foot

Shin protector — shock absorber for the shin and calf

Side impact protector — regulates the pressure of a boot

Calf protector — pads and relieves strain on the muscles

Self-adjusting cuff — assures a perfect fit


Here are just a few of the styles available:


You can see all the different styles and order X Socks here.