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Dustmates: Shoes That Vacuum Your Floors While You Walk

Who knew???…You can clean your house just by walking around!

These shoes (made by designers at Electrolux) have a built-in vacuum cleaner that suck up dust as you walk.


The shoes have two parts:

  • a rechargeable base that contains the vacuum motor
  • an elastic sock which holds the user’s foot in place
  • A laser sensor switches the vacuum on and off automatically to save energy.

    dustmate-vacuum-shoes.jpgElectrolux says their Dustmate shoes could turn cleaning into an ‘unconscious byproduct of everyday life’. (Source)

    Did You Know?…

    • Research found that only 28% of people vacuum their house daily, down 6% in the last two years.
    • Research shows the average householder spends almost 90 hours every year vacuuming the house.