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YogaToes: One-of-a-Kind Toe Stretchers

Supposedly these patented toe stretchers will revive your feet after spending hours in tight shoes (or pointed toe shoes) or just a long day on your feet.

After a day of hoofing it, our testers found them surprisingly refreshing. Grade: A”
SELF magazine

From the YogaToes website:


Check it out: More rave reviews here.

What makes YogaToes so unique is their ability to “stretch, strengthen, and align foot muscles. This increases circulation, straightens bent toes, and can even realign the bones.”

To put them on:
1. Simply wet them first (under a running faucet, in the bath or shower)
2. Stretch the YogaToes to get them on over your toes
3. THEN let the YogaToes stretch your toes, not the other way around!

before-yoga-toes.jpg after-yoga-toes.jpgBefore using YogaToes…

…After using YogaToes


Cool!… I saw in some magazine as special offer on YogaToes that said: “Use coupon code RES and save.” (I think it was Real Simple Magazine.)