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Beyonce Knowles Feet Pictures & Videos

beyonce-knowles-feet-legs.jpg Believe it or not, Beyonce’s feet have gotten a bad rap lately. (And her legs, too.)

As another example:
Beyonce is taking a page from Britney Spears’ book by walking around town — in public — barefoot these days. (Here’s what they’re referring to.)

But… word is, Beyonce feels sexiest with bare feet and messy hair.

I like to walk around my house with bare feet and messy hair, but that can be sexy, too. I have an old-fashioned view on sexuality, in that I don’t think it should be in your face. It’s the opposite of who I am on stage.  Source

Since a lot of people have been looking for Beyonce Knowles feet pictures here (thanks to this article), I thought I’d share with you my best collection of Beyonce feet…


Pictures of Beyonce’s Feet



Beyonce Feet in Videos

Here are a few different collections of Beyonce Knowles feet pictures: