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Finally, Hip & Cool Basketball Shoes That Kids Love & Parents Can Afford

stephon-marbury-shoes.jpgNBA star Stephon Marbury (a guard for the New York Knicks) has created a clothing line that is attracting a lot of attention.

The star of the show: a pair of top-of-the-line basketball shoes that look like the $100 and $200 versions, but these cost less than $15!

Marbury’s Starbury One shoes are being marketed as “footwear for social justice”.

Marbury has been drawing high-profile praise in recent days for promoting a new basketball sneaker described as ‘revolutionary’.  Source

That’s right… the kids love ’em, and the parents can afford ’em!

On the CBS Early Show today, Stephon Marbury showed us the exact same shoe that he wears on the court…

…only this shoe costs less than $15.

The shoe is not cardboard and canvas but serious and solid enough that Marbury has pledged to wear them in games this season. Source

It’s part of his entire affordable clothing line that was created with style and affordability in mind.


Included in Stephon Marbury’s line are shirts, pants, shoes, and more. The best part: everything costs less than $15!

The Starbury One sneaker is being produced and retailed by Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear — and they are flying out of the stores as quickly as they are being made. — CBS News

Stephon also said that 10% of all his profits go to charities including police departments, fire departments and schools. He wants to make a difference.

Here’s an honest review of the Starbury One shoes.

Where to buy Starbury Sneakers.

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