Feet On Feet Tattoos

One father’s devotion to his children is displayed by the footprints of his children tattooed onto the tops of his own feet. Check it out!

Poopy Feet

Here are some smelly feet that can’t be beat. Check out this picture of a little guy getting some leverage from his poopy feet! (He’s not mad, he’s ‘concentrating’…)

Feet Splashing In Water

My ‘farewell to summer’ photo… A picture of a mother and child splashing in the water at the shoreline.

Awwww!… Baby Feet

An adorable pair of baby feet… rockin’ the world away on a baby rocking chair.

Unique Flip Flops Sandals & Memorabilia

Flip Flops aren’t just for beaches anymore. They’re not just for girls either. They can be found on happy feet in churches, offices, malls, and schools. Take your pick…