Unique Flip Flops Sandals & Memorabilia

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This is Part II of my post about America’s fascination with Flip Flops.


(See Flip Flops: Part I.)


Flip Flops: The Ultimate Sandals

Flip Flops aren’t just for beaches anymore. They’re not just for girls either. They can be found on happy feet in churches, offices, malls, and schools.

Take your pick…

'Just Married' flop flops -- leave your mark in the sand... the words Collegiate flip flops with the logo of your favorite college or university -- like these University of Tennessee sandals.
Polka Dot flip flops. Sensi massaging flip flops -- I have these... they massage your feet as you walk!
Splaff - men's flip flops made from recycled car parts! Fuzzy flip flop slippers.
Terry cloth flip flops. Columbia rugged flip flops.
Strategically named Tiddies flipflop sandals -- they're LIKE flip flops, just looser! 'Drink Beer' flip flops.
'I Love Boys flipflops -- these would've went perfectly with my 'WARNING: I Brake For Cute Guys' bumper sticker! Cammo flip flops.

Just For Fun…

The ultimate Flip Flop site — you could kill a few hours on this interactive and captivating site (cool shoes too!)


Do yourself a favor and check out Aaron and Sean’s The George W. Bush Flip Flop Catalog!


If you liked that, then you’ll probably like this too: Bush Flip Flop Totals — with links to every instance… 175 and counting!

And to be fair, here’s the view from the other side.


Flip Flops For Kids

Today’s kids are stylin’. Every kid owns a pair of Flip Flops. But what about a pair of FUN Flip Flops like these?!…

Sugar shoes -- cushy kids flip flops. Kids camp flip flops.
Reef Kids slaps flip flops.

On A Budget?…

For the frugal at heart, check out how you can create a fashionable and fun pair of flip flops with just a toilet paper holder and items you have around the house, plus instructions for knitting yourself some flip flops?!

For the business owners, reunion planners, and other “creative souls” (he he)… check out these imprintable Flip Flops that can be used as promotional items with your own logo on them!


Flip Flops Home Accessories

Flip-flops not only are worn.

These days they have found their way into home decorating and garden supplies…

Flip Flop chip and dip set. Flip Flop door mat - welcome mat.
Flip Flop flyswatters. Beach Signs - Love the beach... Shoes not required
Flipflop welcome mat door chime. Sterling silver flip flop server and beach chair napkin holder ...when only the best will do!

Flip Flop Fun & Games

Flip Flops are for the free-spirits — those ALWAYS in search of a good time. Here are some trendy fun Flip Flop gadgets and gizmos…

Flipflop keychains or purse charms -- I'm getting one of these for my camera bag! Flip flops gummi candies in a beach pail.
Flip flop photo frame keyring Flip Flop playing cards.
Colorful drink coasters ... for the FOOT of your glass! Flip flop colorful keyring.
Earthy cool rattan drink coasters shaped like Flip Flops. flip_flop_luggage_tags.jpg
Flip Flop holiday ornaments and all-season sun catchers. flip_flop_keyring_zipper_pulls.jpg

Flip Flops For Fashionable Fun & Beauty

Flip flops are so trendy, they’ve found their way into other fashion wares…

Colorful flip-flop tote bags & purses. Flower power Flipflop lip gloss.
Flip Flop hair bands. Collegiate Flip Flops pendants.
A chic Flip Flop tote and beach bag -- you could even personalize it! Flip flop shoe organizer... for the person who has everything!
Flip flop watches. flip_flop_socks.jpg
Life is Good chill cap - a baseball cap with flip flops. Flipflop charms for bracelets and pendants.
Life is Good flip flop tote bag.
2/4-sleeved colorful flip flop tshirts. Life is Good flipflop shirt.

Crafty Fun/Office Supplies With Flip Flops

Who knew there were so many FUN ways to incorporate Flip Flops into your life?!…

Flip flop photo frame. Flip flop notepads.
Flip Flop stickers of all shapes and sizes. Flipflop gift boxes.
Flip flop scrapbook supplies. One-of-a-kind flipflop gift bags!
Flip Flop bookmarks. Blank flip flop notecards & greeting cards. 
Crochet your own flip flops! Flipflop stained glass candle holder for votive candles.
Flip Flop fun kits make or decorate your own flipflops. Flip flops door hangers
Rubber stamp your own flip flop art. Video - see how to make your own fun flip flops from a yoga mat!

Flip Flop Facts

  • Flip flops were invented in 1956 by brothers George and Ira Flop. (surprise…April Fools! Thanks, Neil.)
  • An astounding 78.9% of America’s college students have experienced the socially demoralizing problem of “falling out” of their flip flops.
  • Guys wear flip flops, too (…here’s how to judge a guy by his shoes).
  • Boutiques and high-end designers have jumped on the flip-flop craze, offering styles that don’t come cheap.
  • Flip flops are the No. 1 accessory item out there!
  • National Public Radio has called flip flops “the perfect anti-footwear.”
  • They’re controversial, inspirational… and flip flops are the perfect White House attire!
  • The more digits you show, the fewer digits your paycheck is probably going to be.

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Looking For Sandals That Float?

I’m actually on the hunt for some classy rubber sandals (non-thongs) to get me through the muddy, rainy days of summer.

I’m looking for sandals that are easy to slip on/off — thus no velcro or buckles — and (this is key!) that float! Sandals that float will come in handy when canoeing, hanging out near the water, camping, swimming, etc.

I’ve considered trying those holey, clog-type sandals that stole the show at the Bonnaroo festivities this year, but I can’t find them anywhere!

UPDATE: I found them… they’re called Crocs!