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Rough Heels? Here’s A Quick Fix (…Cheap Too!)

The heels of my feet are constantly looking dry and a little rough around the edges. Especially in the summer.

Yeah, I probably walk around barefoot (and drive barefoot) more than I should. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

eucerin-aquaphor-severly-dry-skin-treatment.jpgFirst, I tried Eucerin Aquaphor. It’s good stuff. But it’s quite expensive and very greasy feeling. Works pretty good though.

I’ve since found a less expensive option that works just as well as the Aquaphor…

I read this in Good Housekeeping (July 2007) the other day (…the same article is here).

To prevent rough, flaky heels, you should “moisturize frequently and exfoliate with a foot scrub once a week.” You should also “look for creams with urea or lactic acid.”

Good to know!…

The two products they recommended were:

But, I really like their “in a pinch” suggestion:

Take regular body lotion and mix it with Vaseline!

So that’s what I’ve been doing. And I like it… It’s still a little greasy, but it works great!