Fun Door Stops: A High Heel Shoe And More!

Classy with a twist of humor… this black high-heeled ladies shoe is a conversation piece, if nothing else! This unique doorstop is a great way to prop open an interior door in your home or office. The best part: It costs less than $10. Makes a great gift, too!

Foot Acupressure Points To Relax Your Feet (…And The Rest Of Your Body)

See how to do a reflexology foot massage — on yourself or someone else. You can choose to concentrate on the foot and ankle in general or focus on specific pressure points. Each yields different results. The good news: for most healthy individuals, a 5-minute foot rub per foot can be performed daily without any problem. So acupressure of the feet appears to be one of the safest ways to help yourself. And it’s easy, too!

Nike iPod Shoes Let You Track Your Running & Workout Routines

I can’t think of a shoe that is more high-tech than the Nike + iPod workout kit. All you have to do to have the best of all worlds is to get yourself a Apple iPod nano, a pair of Nike+ shoes, and a Nike + iPod Sport Kit. From there, your shoes and your iPod will begin to communicate with one another. You can watch the time, track your miles, and listen to songs — all while receiving real-time feedback about your run.