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Nike iPod Shoes Let You Track Your Running & Workout Routines

The Nike iPod shoes are the best thing in footwear these days.

I can’t think of a shoe that is more high-tech than the Nike + iPod  workout kit.

All you have to do to have the best of all worlds is to get yourself a Apple iPod nano ($199), a pair of Nike+ shoes ($135), and a Nike + iPod Sport Kit ($30).

From there, your shoes and your iPod will begin to communicate with one another. You can watch the time, track your miles, and listen to songs — all while receiving real-time feedback about your run.

The interesting part… even gyms are starting to incorporate Nike + features into their workout facilities!



Here’s how it works.

Check out the Nike + Running App to see it in action and track your own running stats.

Here’s a video review showing how the Nike + iPod sport kit really works.

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See How It Works In These Videos:



Low-Price Nike+iPod Finds

You can buy everything through the Nike Store, or check Amazon for lower prices: