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Photos + Video Of The Best DIY Ingrown Toenail Treatment… It Worked For Me!

I recently had two ingrown toenails! One on each of my big toes.

Before this, I’ve never had one… ever. So to get 2 at once kind of scared me a bit.

I let them go for several days thinking they would get better on their own. But they didn’t. They got worse… in a hurry.

It was very painful.

Even after soaking my feet 2 to 3 times a day in very warm (almost hot) water for 15 minutes at a time over 3 days — and adding baking soda or Epsom salts to the water sometimes — nothing worked.

I was afraid it was getting so bad that I’d have to go to the doctor or something.

I finally found the best home remedy for ingrown toenails. It’s simple… FREE… and really works!

Ingrown nails, the most common nail impairment, are nails whose corners or sides dig painfully into the soft tissue of nail grooves, often leading to irritation, redness, and swelling. Usually, toenails grow straight out. Sometimes, however, one or both corners or sides curve and grow into the flesh. The big toe is usually the victim of this condition, but other toes can also become affected … Ingrown toenails generally develop when the nail is cut too short or on a curve. 

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How To Remove An Ingrown Toenail

For this method, you could buy an ingrown toenail file, but they don’t get very high ratings from others who’ve tried it as part of their ingrown toenail home remedies.

Besides, I can say — from my own personal experience — that a standard set of toenail clippers works just fine for removing ingrown toenails.

An ingrown toenail clipper (technically an ingrown toenail nipper) is what most nail salons use when they’re giving you a pedicure and they happen to notice an ingrown toenail (or the likelihood of an ingrown toenail growing if they don’t nip it in the bud).

They usually take care of it without you even noticing. The last time I went for my twice-a-year pedicure, I winced in pain as the girl was filing my big toenail. She noticed and said, “Ah, you have an ingrown toenail here.” She used the ingrown toenail file and nippers and successfully pulled out the ingrown part out right away. I hardly felt a thing.

Here it is 5 months after that pedicure, and I decided to remove my ingrown toenails myself this time.

I followed the instructions in this video to a tee:

People warn against trying something like this yourself. But I can attest to the fact that it definitely worked for me (and the guy in the video). Ours were not badly infected though.

Do not attempt to do this if your ingrown toenail is badly infected like this.

Use your best judgment as to whether you can safely carry out the above steps yourself or not. If not, then a doctor can properly treat your ingrown toenail for you.

For a pedicurist, she should gently tease or trim out the side of the nail. This requires training to clean the border smoothly yet not too deeply. The border must be smooth —  when a bit of nail is left after trimming out an ingrown — this is when an infection develops because the nail grows up and the piece gets stuck in the flesh, acting like a foreign body.

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Photos Of My Ingrown Toenail Treatment

It only took a few seconds to remove the ingrown part of each ingrown toenail. Afterwards, it’s surprising that such a small piece of toenail could cause so much pain.

Other Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails