How To Become A Foot Model

You’ve gotta start with great looking feet!

Foot model, Christina Ambers, shares some great tips for beautifying your feet. Her important tips just might make your feet worthy of being called ‘foot model feet’.

So check out the following foot model secrets — from someone who’s been there, done that.


According to Christina Ambers — the Heidi Klum of foot models — these are the top 6 things you want to avoid:


#1  Avoid blisters.

Test-drive all your footwear, then stick moleskin or Band-Aids on potential disaster areas. If a bubble emerges, pop it with cuticle nipper, then cover with peroxide and a Band-Aid.


#2  Avoid red feet & tan lines.
The top of the foot is often forgotten: Slather it with sunblock.


#3  Avoid sweaty feet.
Never wear closed shoes without socks, and never put moisturizer between toes unless you want a fungus.


#4  Avoid ugly toes.
Use unscented cuticle oil regularly to erase white rough parts around the nail. It soaks right into the dry skin and puffs it out.


#5  Avoid calluses.
Pumice them a little bit every day in the shower, or hit the beach. Walking on the sand or standing in waves is a natural exfoliator.


#6  Avoid dirt.
Carry baby wipes, and avoid light, sheer polish.


That’s it!…

If you do Steps 1 thru 6 above, you’ll be well on your way to having what it takes to be a foot model.

Of course, then you’ve gotta go through all the steps to find yourself an agent and stuff… but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Read more details about Christina’s recommendations here.

Check out even more pictures of Christina Ambers’ feet.

Lynnette Walczak

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  • Dana


    My name is Stacey. My husband and I, along with our partners, run a very large foot modeling website. It is a NON-NUDE website that currently features over 450 models.

    We are ALWAYS hiring female models who are 18 or over and have attractive feet. We DO require that your FACE be shown also, but you can take your own photos and make very good money. Our models range from college students, soccer and hockey moms, to professional models. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome, but sorry we do not have any men on the site!

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    We have been in business since October 1st, 2000 and CAN PROVIDE REFERENCES!

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with any potential models!!


    • April Garcia

      Hi Dana, My name is April Garcia I am interested in becoming a foot model. Men compliment me on my feet and I have always taught my daughters how important it is to take care of your feet. I was looking to make some extra money and being a foot model popped into my head yesterday as I was getting my toes done! I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and would love to have more info on the career opportunity. You may email me at

    • Megan B.

      Thanks to Stacy and Dana for a great new job.  I love it, the pay is great and they are very sweet to work with!  My sister is working with me now too.

      Megan (and Melanie)

      • EBONY

        Hey Megan….Can U tell me how you all got started…I tried sending an email and it keeps coming back as an invalid address!!!! Help Me Please!

    • EBONY

      I’ve been trying to send an email…..Please send me an email:, I am a very serious candidate….Thank You!

  • Forgottengem

    Male with very sexy feet interested in modeling them

  • Vonchis0606

    I sent you my pictures but have not heard back from you. Is your agency for real???

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  • Jennifer J Geierman

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  • catrina

    hi I am looking to try out for foot modeling im a 23 female, don’t know were to go to sign up.

    • Florida Girls Feet

      Catrina, email me at and I will help you out! Also anyone else interested in modeling, just let me know where you saw this post….

  • kristy h

    I was thinking about joining foot modeling i always get compliments on feet. Although i have a tattoo on each of my feet. Will that br a problem?

  • Purtyfeet Studios

    Of you’re in the Midwest area, email Photographer who has lots of foot modeling work. All paid work too if interested in making money on the side. Thanks