Foot Razors: What Ever Happened To Foot Scrapings & Callus Shavings With A Pedicure?

foot-razor.jpg The first time I had a salon pedicure was when I lived in New Orleans.  The woman soaked my feet and meticulously cleaned and trimmed each toenail.  At the same time, she removed any trace of dead or loose skin from my toes.

Then she did something I didn’t expect.  She took out a metal instrument that had a razor blade in it and began to scrape my feet.  She was literally shaving skin from the calluses on my feet.  I was a bit terrified, but I could see that she knew what she was doing so I quickly settled down and let her get to work.

The result of this foot scraping session was very soft feet that I have never been able to achieve on my own.

Needless to say, I became addicted. And spa pedicures with obligatory foot scrapings became a common occurrence for me. My heels and feet never looked so good.

When I moved to Georgia, I continued to have these foot spa sessions until a couple of times when I found my feet were very itchy after the spa pedicure session.  These days, my daughter and I do each other’s feet.

Recently, however, while on a trip in Virginia, I got a spa pedicure at a place where they didn’t use foot razors.  I felt cheated — like I didn’t get my money’s worth.  I mean, I was really looking forward to having my calluses shaved!  When I asked about the foot razor, they informed me that they don’t use them anymore for sanitary reasons.

Are Foot Razors Unsanitary?

Doctors warn that some of the practices of manicurists are less than sanitary.  Apparently, many people have acquired fungal and bacterial infections due to foot baths that were not clean enough, and tools that were not sanitized between uses.

Most of the time, an infection from a pedicure is caused by contaminated instruments.  This could lead to a nail fungus and those are very slow to progress .. Some of the symptoms of a fungus infection will be that the skin is very sore and red around the nail.  If broken skin was infected during the pedicure, it may become pussy.”  — Roxanne Kerr, Medical Assistant, Bloomington Podiatry Centre

Sadly, my beloved foot razors are no longer legal for use in spas in many states.  In an effort to reduce the number of foot infections obtained from salons, many states have indeed banned pedicure razors that are used to scrape rough heels and feet.

According to Renu Day Spa:  “It is illegal to use a razor blade during a pedicure because the more aggressively you treat the skin, the faster it grows back.  It is also dangerous because you can get cut and develop infections from dirty toes.”



Where To Find Foot Razors

If you miss having your calluses shaved with a foot razor in the salons… Good news, you can now find foot razors in stores!

If you are brave enough to use one, you can get a foot razor at most drug stores for $10 to $20.  You can also purchase a new safer version called the ped egg for less than $15.

Just be careful… You may want to choose a foot file instead — they’re safer and easier to use.  For the safest option of all, consider foot exfoliants.  You simply rub the gel or cream on your feet and the dead, dry skin begins to slough off.

Making a mistake with a razor could cause an infection and damage to the skin.  Files are easier and safer to use.  After filing feel the bottom of your feet to check for smoothness.  You will still feel some of the callus but you should feel a difference.  Do not over file, which would cause redness and irritation. Source


Andrea Hermitt

Andrea Hermitt

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  • Alexgiugiaro

    where can get this product replace knife at malaysia (i’m from penang) thanks

  • Deepidhillon

    Walgreens. You can try Walmart but they are almost always out of stock when it comes to my favorite products. Walgreens has the refill razors in stock 99% of the time. If there isn’t a Walgreens near you than just try calling around. It saves gas! Call all the drugstores in your area and ask if they carry refill razors for callus removers. Simple and I LOVE the saving gas part. =^} good luck!

  • Poe

    I am looking for an instrument they use in my salon that is safer than the razor. It looks like the fine side of a food grater with a handle. Of course the girl that owns the shop said she couldn’t order me one. As a matter of fact she said she didn’t eve know what the name of the object was.( I don’t know about that). Any idea where I might find one, or what it is called?

    • FunTimesGuide

      Hi Poe – I’ve been using something similar to what you describe minus the handle. It’s called the Ped Egg. I really like it. We reviewed it here:
      I also have the “food grater with a handle” foot file that you mention. I keep it in my shower. Mine is like this one: 
      Hope that helps! 😀

  • Reinadelfuego

    Dollar tree sells these razors for $1 got mine there a couple of weeks ago :)

  • Kali

    Poe – I bet the one your nail lady has is a Microplane. they make a professional rasp called the Colossal, just like you described. They use it in my salon too, it’s awesome. If you want a Microplane for home use, go to and order either the paddle file and orb buffer, or get the XL-Pro which is a 2 in 1 with both file and buffer replaceable cartridges.
    Fun times guide – If you want the best performing foot file on the market, get a Microplane. The Ped-egg was an imitation of Microplane..Microplane created the first one they call it a ‘micro-file’ foot file. It’s way better than the ped-egg, better quality, better technoolgy and it will last a lot longer. Microplane also has a really cool micro-file buffer to smooth and polish, better than the sandpaper kind that comes with the ped-egg, and will last a lot longer too.

  • No Spam

    I can figure out how to change the blade in the German made says SOLINGEN HOBELKLINGE. Ion one side and SOLINGEN GERMANY on the other side of the metal foot scraper. Can anyone tell me how?